The Medicine Cabinet

The Medicine Cabinet

At your fingertips for quick treatment

From my years of experience, these are the items that I recommend to have on hand. Isn’t it always true that if something is going to go wrong, it will happen on the weekend? I’ve had the the Pet Wellness Clinic out here on more than one emergency trip or pet urgent care, but having these items for treatment will save you money and vitally, the time saved procuring what you need may make the difference in your goat’s recovery.

If stored properly (some in a dark place, some in the fridge), these can have a long shelf life.  I thought about going through the list and “starring” the really vital ones…but then I had a hard time doing that, feeling I may steer someone wrong by implying something else is less important.  Certainly the vet items (items that are only available from the vet) are crucial to have on hand so you aren’t frantically trying to find CD Antitoxin after the office is closed. Both the antitoxin and the epinepherine can make the difference between saving your goat or a swift death.  I also can’t stress enough the importance of having a good quantity of thiamin on hand for treatment of goat polio.

Over-the-Counter General Supportives

For more info on these supplies and dosages, visit the Fias Co Farm by clicking on the silly goat.

Vitamin B complex
Stimulates appetite

Probios (or yogurt or kefir)
Maintains/revives healthy rumen

Red Cell
Iron supplement

Calcium supplement

For Specific Concerns

Toltrazuril (my usual choice) or Di-Methox
Coccidia treatment

Oxytetracycline (LA-200) or Biomycin
Penicillin G Procaine
3 different types of antibiotics each with effectiveness for different problems

CD&T vaccine or one that includes CD&T plus others (Cavalry-9)

White dewormer (Valbazen – NOT for use during pregnancy!)

Clear dewormer (Quest – my back-up to Valbazen)

Bloat Stop

Pepto Bismol or KaoPectate
Scours/diarrhea control

Wound Care

Iodine 7%
Sanitizing, also dipping umbilical cords

Especially assisting in delivery

Blu-Kote or Wound Kote
Antifungal, antiseptic protective spray

Triple antibiotic ointment

Bag Balm


Vet wrap tape (get a fun color!)

From Your Vet’s Office

Immune system, selenium  

Pain control

Vitamin B12
Stimulates/revives appetite

Immune support/ goat polio

Revive from shock

Strong overall antibiotic

CD Antitoxin
Protects against enterotoxemia

Tetanus Antitoxin
Protects against tetanus

Weak Kid Recipe

2 parts Magic
to 1 part strong coffee

Mix well and do warm this a bit.  Give 10-12 cc every 45 minutes or so, being sure that they are swallowing. (If they are not swallowing, STOP – they need to be tubed.)

Also, in one SubQ shot:

BoSE (1 cc/40 lbs – do not overdose)
1 cc Vit B 12
1 cc Vit B complex

Magic Recipe

For any goat that needs a boost in energy and to use at night when treating for Ketosis.  Use the Revive during the day and the Magic at night as it will hold the animal over night.1 part corn oil (has to be corn oil)1 part Molasses2 parts Karo Syrup

Mix well, you can warm it a little before giving it. Give 3 to 4 ounces twice during the night.  This also tastes good to the goats so it is easy to administer.

Revive Recipe

1 bottle 50% Dextrose
20 cc B complex
5 cc B12
2 cc 500 mg/ml thiamin.

If you have supplies on hand, this will make a little more than 500 cc ofRevive. If this is intended for pregnancy toxemia does, you need to add a bottle of Amino Acid solution (not the concentrate, it has too much potassium), and 2 grams of Ascorbic Acid.

50% Dextrose is very concentrated sugar, and is metabolized instantly by the goat. Propylene glycol doesn’t work well on goats. If you drench with this the goat feels better almost instantly, and will eat and drink. I use it on newborns with floppy kid, or kids that are chilled.
These supplies can be bought almost anywhere. The B Complex can be bought anywhere, but B 12, Thiamin and Ascorbic Acid are vet items.

Mix in an amber colored quart jar and keep in under the sink, anywhere it is dark and a little cooler. Make sure when you mix it, you keep it as sterile as possible so you don’t get any unwanted bacteria in the bottle.

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