Sales Info – Livestock Guardian Dogs

Sales Info – Livestock Guardian Dogs

All puppies go home with vaccinations and deworming appropriate to their age.  Puppies are ready to go home after 8 weeks.  We find 8 weeks is an optimal age to facilitate an easier transition to the puppy’s new home, and to allow the owners to raise the dogs in their actual working environment. Our puppies’ parents are working livestock guardians and pups are pack raised with ample loving human socialization.  Pups are exposed to goats and chickens at an early age, typically at day one depending on the mom’s selection of birthing location, and pet dogs and cats are a regular part of their environment. 

We agree whole-heartedly with this message from Natural Born Guardians (raising Boz and Kangal livestock guardian dogs, relatives to the Anatolian Shepherd and Akbash):

These puppies need a purpose, whether it be a herd or flock to guard, or family to interact with daily. These dogs DO NOT do well, nor do we support or condone, long-term kenneling or isolation, as it negatively affects both their mental and physical development.  They are natural livestock guardians, and like all LGDs, become deeply attached to their owners and livestock, needing those bonds to develop as well-adjusted, happy, healthy dogs.  [Anatolian] Shepherds are extremely powerful dogs, who require an owner that is both willing and able to care for their needs, and socialize them properly.  A puppy will not be sold to anyone that is not prepared to care for this type of dog.

When at all possible, in-person pick-ups are encouraged!  Shipping by air out of Des Moines International Airport (DSM) is possible when United Airline’s PetSafe travel is functioning.  We can make arrangements for your puppy, and this usually ends up costing about $600, which covers the crate, health papers, and the airline charges.

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  1. My husband Gary and I are farmers. We live north of Searsboro. We are looking for a large farm dog. I walk 4 mi a day and really need a companion. We are empty nesters with 10 grandchildren. We are looking for a friendly, loving dog that will get along good with children and our farm cats. I own Giggles & Bows Children’s Boutique in Grinnell.

  2. Do you have any dogs available. I have a group of ewes I need a dog for. We are in an area I hear coyotes almost every evening

    1. Thanks for getting in touch! I don’t have any dogs available right now, tho it is possible that we will have a litter coming later this summer or this fall, I’d be glad to talk with you about them more.

  3. Hello,
    We love how you describe your dogs!
    We are looking for 2 puppies for our 3 acres on the Sierra foothills with poultry and orchards. We are loving and experienced dog trainers. If you have puppies that become available, we’d be interested in being on a waitlist. Thank you!

  4. I would be interested in a puppy when one is available. I have chickens, goats and cows. I’d like to add more chickens and be able to put my goats in a larger area that would require protection. Can you put me on a waitlist also? What do you charge for a puppy? Thanks

    1. Hi Amanda – I would be glad to out you on a waiting list for a future puppy. I don’t require a deposit, I just keep a first-come list, a puppy is $1100. I’ll send you an e-mail also, thanks for getting in touch!

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