We have a litter of puppies born February 4, 2020, ready to go home in mid-late April.  This is an all-boy litter, 3 fawn ($600 each) and 3 brindle ($750 each).

Dam is Grendel, 5/8 Anatolian, 1/16 Akbash, 5/16 Great Pyrenees

Sire is Henry, 1/2 Kangal, 1/2 Boz

Future litters will be sired by our new purebred Boz.

We place our puppies in working homes where they will have a herd to protect and humans to love.  A well-balanced working dog needs both.  Our sales info is here.

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  1. Looking for one in the future just getting started in my little farm stead. Have chickens, horses,a couple of pigs a cow, rabbits and of course barn cats. I do have inside dog’s but want something to watch over my flock. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for getting in touch Susan! I will be updating the website soon with information on our new purebred Boz sire, Windigo. It will be a bit for future litters but that timing may work out well!

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