Milk Handling

Milk Handling

It All Starts with the Milk

Finally in 2013 I got my beautiful stainless steel bucket from Hoegger’s.  I love having the milk filtered right away,

So you’ve got the beautiful, healthy goats and they are giving you all this wonderful milk. Yay! Having learned from trial and error, research and application, I want to share how I  ensure that my primary cheese ingredient stays clean and fresh-tasting.

Which leads directly to one of my pet peeves: the description of goat milk or cheese as tasting “goaty.”  What? If you’ve had fresh milk, as in, the doe’s still there and you’re trying the milk, in my experience it tastes rich and creamy. That’s it.  Our job is to keep it that way, and any time I try store-bought goat cheese, at home or at a restaurant, and it does actually taste “goaty” – I wonder about the milk handling.

I am a disciple of Dr. David B. Fankhauser when it comes to milk handling, and I learned the hard way – my milk getting that funky, “goaty” taste after a day or two in the fridge, when it started out so smooth and yummy.  It was a disappointing “Ick” for me and I did go through a period of thinking, well, I guess goat milk is just like that.  Thank goodness that’s not true, because I love my goats, and that’s non-negotiable!

So read what Dr. Fankhauser has to say about Handling Fresh Raw Milk, and give his method a try if you want.  It works for me, and my family and friends love my dense, soft chevre with a fresh, mellow taste. There are people who do love the “goatiness”…tho often they tend to be those who don’t know the nitty-gritty of the farm.  I don’t deny their pleasure in the taste, to each their own and the world would be boring any other way…but for me, if I get that taste, I know I messed up somewhere along the way.

And honestly, if the steps of proper milk-handling seem like a pain in the neck to you, as they did to me when I first read them…you get used to it, you get the routine down and it’s easy, no big deal.

If you need any advice getting this going, I’d be glad to help.


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    1. Hi Tahara – I’m sorry I don’t, actually it’s illegal to sell raw milk in Iowa unfortunately!

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