Jasper Farm FG’s La Gazzaladra

Jasper Farm FG’s La Gazzaladra

Maggie at 3 years
Jasper Farm FG’s La Gazzaladra, “Maggie”

SSS:  *B Wynneshire Starbuck’s Breve
SS: Oznayim WSB Baba LA 85 VV+
SSD:  Rosethyme Flash Cinnamon
S:  Jasper Farm Babas Forrest Gump
SDS:  *B Wynneshire Starbuck’s Breve
SD:  SG 1*M Oznayim Breve’s Kaitlyn LA 87 VE+V
SDD:  Royal Blue DT I’m No Joke

SSS:  *B Wynneshire Starbuck’s Breve
SS: Oznayim WSB Baba LA 85 VV+
SSD:  Rosethyme Flash Cinnamon
D:  SG Jasper Farm Baba’s Aylie 3*M
DDS:  *B Haf-Hidden-Acres Bryson’s Hero
DD:  2*M SG Bryson Branch BH Lucky Dollar LA 88 VVEV
DDD:  1*M Bryson Branch Grace Rose  LA 91 EEEE

Born February 22, 2014 PN1670433
G6S Normal by parentage

2-01 223 629 Fat 4.0% 25 Protein 4.0% 25

82 (VVEA) @ 04-04
71 (+A+F) @ 02-05





Maggie udder

ADGA Genetics

La Gazzaladra = The Thieving Magpie = Maggie

As Maggie has matured she seems poised to follow in her grand-dam Dolly’s footsteps as herd queen – when you visit the herd, be assured that Maggie will stay right by you to be sure you are behaving!  And she keeps the younger does in line as well…whether they need it or not.  🙂

She has an outstandingly beautiful head with strong breed character in her nose and ears.  I suspect that the white sprinkles around her eyes are really diamond-stars that she stole on her flight down to earth.  She is a powerful doe who we would like to see standing a bit taller but she still has room to grow so we’ll see.

Her mother and daughter are very milky but Maggie herself is not a high producer. She is drop-dead gorgeous tho, and brings strength of bone and breed character in spades. Wide, level rump, good rear leg angle, strong medial suspensory ligament, exceptionally easy keeper; she benefits from breeding to tall bucks who have potential to pass on a rounder udder. We are retaining kids from Maggie as we hope we can improve on her rump width, udder texture, and get some longer legs going in future generations, while retaining her width and depth of body, breed character, and “easy-keeper” constitution.

Testing Status

CAE: negative 20162015

Kidding History

2018 – 2 doelings
2017 – 2 bucklings
2016 – 1 buckling, 1 doeling

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