Jasper Farm Buddha’s Angel (polled)

Jasper Farm Buddha’s Angel (polled)

Jasper Farm Buddha's Angel Jasper Farm Buddha’s Angel SSS: Oznayim Adonis’ Dave
SS: Oznayim Mitch
SSD: Oznayim WSB Julia
S: Jasper Farm OM Buddha
SDS: Oznayim WSB Baba LA 85 VV+
SD: 3* M SG Jasper Farm Baba’s Aylie
SDD: 2*M SG Bryson Branch BH Lucky Dollar LA 88 VVEV SSS: Maple View Fawn’s Adonis
SS: Oznayim Adonis’ Dave
SSD: Oznayim WSB Julia
D:  Oznayim Lizzy
DDS: Oznayim Ksshadow of the Valley
DD:  Oznayim Lilly Tomlyn
DDD: Oznayim Horizon’s Sydney

Born February 5, 2017


G6S normal by parentage

Angel as a dry yearling beautiful head purebred Nubian doe Angel first freshening udder

How I love this doe, my Angel!  She has been so strong since the day she was born, and continues to grow with such a deep body and sturdy bones, broad forehead and wide rump.  And she is polled!

Now as a 2 yr old first freshener I am pleased with her milk production, and how good she is on the stand and how patiently, but alertly, she awaits her turn!  Her butterfat this season has averaged 5.4% and protein 4.0% and of course we’ll be watching that throughout her lactation.  This year I am milking her just once a day but I see a lot more room in her udder so I need to open up my schedule for more milking next year!

Lizzy and Angel Lizzy and Angel

Kidding History

2019 – 2 bucklings

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