Fresh Mozzarella

Fresh Mozzarella

I love to make a lot of mozzarella during the heat of the summer – July/August.  That heat and humidity is lousy for curing feta and other cheeses, as it encourages the growth of fuzzy molds you don’t want.  But the quick nature of mozzarella is perfect in the heat.  My mentor Naomi has even left a pot of the curds out to warm in the summer sun.  Then make bruschetta with basil, garden tomatoes, and mozzarella and also freeze a bunch of that yummy mozzarella to use all winter for pizzas, lasagna – I know I don’t need to give you ideas of how to use it!

Simpler Quick Mozzarella using citric acid to create stretch (links to

Old-World Authentic Mozzarella using culture to create stretch (coming soon)

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