Breeding Plans

Breeding Plans

Below are the breeding pairings for 2021 – kidding will be in April and May!

Breeding is a process of love and careful intention. I value life and the spirit that brings it that spark, and in order to ensure a good life for all my Jasper Farm kids, every baby I bring into this world must have a strong reason for being.

In July 2019 LeRoy Satter entrusted me with many of his beautiful Till-Riv dairy goats, the result of 30 plus years of consistently breeding beautiful purebred Nubians while improving the genetic pool of polled goats.  I am extremely honoured to have his goats here.

If you are interested in reserving a buckling or doeling, go ahead and contact me – I don’t take deposits and you are not locked in to buying, but I will hold your spot on the list so you are likely to have more options once kidding begins!

I have high interest in all, so I retain first rights for retention in all breedings. The reservation list is kept on a first-come, first-served basis. Doelings with a prior reservation are locked in at $450 and bucklings are $300, while prices are subject to rise for unreserved kids once they arrive and are assessed.

JASPER FARM KAM’S BELUGA bred to the following does:

JASPER FARM SCOTCH’S FIN bred to the following does:

JASPER FARM KAM’S SHAMU bred to the following does:

Also Shamu is bred to potential yearling first fresheners: Jasper Farm Kam’s Candella (Polled), Jasper Farm Kam’s Windella, and Jasper Farm Lorenzo’s Isabella (Polled).