Breeding Plans

Breeding Plans

Breeding is a process of love and careful intention. I value life and the spirit that brings it that spark, and in order to ensure a good life for all my Jasper Farm kids, every baby I bring into this world must have a strong reason for being.

In July 2019 LeRoy Satter entrusted me with the bulk of his Till-Riv Nubian herd, the result of 30 plus years of consistently breeding beautiful purebred Nubians while improving the genetic pool of polled goats.  I am extremely honoured to have his goats here.

If you are interested in reserving a buckling or doeling, go ahead and contact me – I don’t take deposits and you are not locked in to buying, but I will hold your spot on the list so you are likely to have more options once kidding begins!

I have high interest in all, so I retain first rights for retention in all breedings.  I do not take deposits.  A reservation list is kept on a first-come, first-served basis. Doelings with a prior reservation are locked in at $450 and bucklings are $300, while prices are subject to rise for unreserved kids once they arrive and are assessed.

Till-Riv I K Polled Kameron bred to the following does:

Till-Riv I K Polled Kameron Till-Riv I K Polled Kameron Oznayim Lizzy Oznayim Lizzy Till-Riv K C Clover Till-Riv K C Clover Purebred Nubian doe Goat Hollow Zoe 1*M Jasper Farm OM Faithful Jasper Farm OM Faithful 3*M Jasper Farm Tradewind's Nix Jasper Farm Tradewind’s Nix Maggie at 3 years Jasper Farm FG’s La Gazzaladra, “Maggie” White Fields Puddin Pie White Fields Puddin Pie Hawkeye Farm April Hawkeye Farm April Purebred Nubian doe Till-Riv B B Breynia

Jasper Farm OH Butterscotch bred to the following does:

Jasper Farm OH Butterscotch, 2 yrs Jasper Farm OH Butterscotch Till-Riv I K Kathy Till-Riv I K Kathy Till-Riv B O Coral Bell Till-Riv B O Coral Bell Purebred Nubian doe Till-Riv I K Karel Till-Riv I K Kallie (polled) Till-Riv I K Kallie (polled) Angel as a dry yearling purebred Nubian dairy goat Jasper Farm Buddha’s Angel

Jasper Farm OM Lorenzo bred to the following does:

Jasper Farm OM Lorenzo as a yearling Jasper Farm OM Lorenzo Till-Riv I K Kylie (polled) Till-Riv I K Kylie (polled) Till-Riv I K Karmel Till-Riv I K Karmel Purebred Nubian doe Jasper Farm OH Katie Nana

AIs that may be in the oven:

J&J Livestock EST Spring J&J Livestock EST Spring Sparrowhawk EMV Rigel
G6S Normal, “Rigel was brown with frosted ears and cap with white spots. He threw his color and good milk production. The Nickel’s herd was strong and bred competitive Nubians.”
*Breeding Spring to Kameron as back-up Purebred Nubian doe Till-Riv I K Kandy (polled) SG *B Kismet CXC Court & Spark
Used by the Trillium Trails herd
* Breeding Kandy to Scottie as back-up