Nubian Dairy Goats

Nubian Dairy Goats

We have been raising purebred Nubian goats here in central Iowa since 2003.  We are very proud of our small and carefully selected herd with bloodlines that we believe in and have proven themselves over time.  We embrace old-style Nubian genetics as we welcome the continued improvements in this great breed.

Any good herd starts with healthy goats, and we are adamant about maintaining our clean herd – with annual blood tests and by keeping our goats on the farm, free of stress and the risk of exposure to common caprine diseases.

Our breeding program has a focus on outstanding udder capacity and attachment, ease of hand-milking, strong bone structures and constitutions, and friendly, easy-going personalities. We back our personal goals up with national comparisons through DHI milk tests and ADGA linear appraisals. Our does continue to consistently earn their milking stars and Superior Genetics (SG) designations.  

At Jasper Farm, we consistently work to tighten genetics toward our goals which means careful selection of recurring qualities:  healthy constitution, proportionate, well-shaped conformation excelling in body capacity, strong legs and feet, tightly attached udders with teats comfortable for hand-milking, outstanding milk production (factoring in quantity, butterfat, and protein content), and last but not least, sweet and engaging personalities!

This has to be done with a careful eye and the right balance of genetic diversity and focus.  Wynneshire and Musk*Rose are currently in strong roles in our genetics and future plans include the integration of genetics from the Apple Valley and Fra-Jac herds.