J&J Livestock EST Spring

J&J Livestock EST Spring

J&J Livestock EST Spring 2 yrs first freshening
J&J Livestock EST Spring 2 yrs first freshening

SSS:  *B Lakeshore DL Perfect Storm 90 VEE
SS: CH +*B Lakeshore Perfect Roo Dandy 91 EEE
SSD:  SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Dandy Tangaroo 4*M 90 VVEE
S:  *B CH Lakeshore High Esteem
SDS:  SG *B J&R Spirit's Dakota Playboy 90 EEV
SD:  SGCH Lakeshore Mira's Easter Lily 6*M 91 EEEE
SDD:  Lakeshore SH Mira Vista 91 EEEE

DSS:  Kastdemur's Voodoo
DS:  *B Acorn-Acres Storm Warning
DSD:  GCH Acorn-Acres Nymphe 91 EEVE
D:  J&J Livestock Foxy Lady
DDS: CH Cream-of-Kansas' Legend Romeo
DD:  J&J Livestock Dilly Dally
DDD:  Ranschau Acres Annabelle

Born April 21, 2017


Spring 2 yrs first freshening
Spring 2 yrs first freshening
Spring first freshening
Spring and Herb
Herb and Spring

With Spring we get to incorporate some outcross genetics from our friends James and Jamie McDaniel of J&J Livestock.  As an April baby she joined our herd at a month younger than our own youngest kids, and quickly stepped into the role of adored little sister and favorite of all visitors.  She has an easy self-confidence and is strongly bonded to her goat and human family.  As a first freshener...oh my, she is eager to get on the milking stand and apparently forever concerned that I will forget her, as she communicates with me regularly!

Spring carries milky genetics behind her, and we are looking forward to seeing how this proves out with regular DHI records.  41 days into her first lactation, being milked once a day, she is averaging 6.5% butterfat and 3.6% protein.

Kidding History

2019: 1 doeling, 1 buckling

Foxy rear udder
Dam Foxy rear udder
Foxy side udder
Dam Foxy side udder
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