Jasper Farm OM Faithful

Jasper Farm OM Faithful

Jasper Farm OM Faithful
Jasper Farm OM Faithful as yearling first freshener spring 2017

Born 2-11-2016
G6S Normal by parentage

SSS: Maple View Fawn’s Adonis (polled)
SS: Oznayim Adonis’ Dave (polled)
SSD: Oznayim WSB Julia
S: Oznayim Mitch (polled)
SDS: *B Wynneshire Starbuck’s Breve
SD: Oznayim O.Man Penny
SDD: Oznayim WSB Julia

DSS:  *B Haf-Hidden-Acres Thaddeus
DS:  *B Haf-Hidden-Acres Bryson’s Hero
DSD:  GCH 2*M Haf-Hidden-Acres Bloomsage
D:  2*M SG Bryson Branch BH Lucky Dollar LA 88 VVEV
DDS:  *B Longman’s HM Macho Man
DD:  1*M Bryson Branch Grace Rose LA 91 EEEE
DDD:  Poverty Knob Nettie Rose

Yearling first freshening udder Jasper Farm OM Faithful
Yearling first freshening udder Jasper Farm OM Faithful

ADGA Genetics

I'll come right out and say it - yes, you do see horns in that picture.  Faith was born my first year with polled genetics and I made the wrong call on her.  I had not planned to keep her for long, expecting to send her on to a farm where there were other horned goats, but for many reasons she is still here!  Hence when I finally decided to go ahead and register her, I used the name I had been calling her, Faith, which fits her sweet faithful personality and I think reflects her circumstances well.

I was disappointed to not have a doeling from her first freshening, but I am really pleased with her beautiful udder (the best I've had born here) and her production.  Also her behavior on the milking stand is impeccable, after our first few days of confusion, wrestling her on to the stand.  I'm glad we hung in there!

I don't like her bite (another reason I stayed a bit lax about her horns when I discovered she was not actually polled) and I'm looking forward to getting some input on that in this year's Linear Appraisal session.  In 13 years of breeding I've never had a bite that wasn't good, so I think she just drew a random short straw on that one - her polled bucklings have beautiful bites.  My plan at this point is to keep her!  I will be repeating the Dolly/Mitch breeding this fall.

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