Jasper Farm OH Gwenda

Jasper Farm OH Gwenda

Jasper Farm OH Gwenda
Jasper Farm OH Gwenda

Born 3-15-2017


G6S Normal by parentage

SSS: Butterfield Acres Sandi’s Mac
SS: Butterfield Acres Stacy’s Gold
SSD: Butterfield Acres Sandi Stacy
S:  Oznayim Herb Basil
SDS: Oznayim Dabob’s Robert
SD:  Oznayim Gail
SDD: SG 7*M Musk*Rose SS Lucille

DSS: Oznayim WSB Baba LA 85 VV+
DS:  Jasper Farm Baba’s Kijana
DSD: Rosethyme Flash Cinnamon
D:  SG Jasper Farm Kijana's Naomi 2*M
DDS:  Royal-Blue Double Trouble
DD: SG 1*M Oznayim Breve’s Kaitlyn LA 87 VE+V
DDD: Royal Blue DT I’m No Joke

Gwenda's ff udder
Gwenda's ff udder

Gwenda and her polled sister Bayla were my first does out of Oznayim Herb Basil, and I retained both to be able to better assess what Herb may be passing along, knowing that after freshening I would need to sell one of them.  I am very happy with both of their freshenings and it's been a tough decision to decide who to retain.  I've opted to keep polled Bayla, tho Gwenda is currently averaging 5.7% butterfat and 4.3% protein 63 days into her first lactation, with once a day milkings.  She had a smooth kidding with two bucklings.  If I were able to keep her here, I would focus on breeding her to bucks who would add to rump width for more even carrying of the udder, without taking away from milkiness or her long, tall body.

Kidding History

2019 - 2 bucklings

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