Jasper Farm OH Butterscotch

Jasper Farm OH Butterscotch

Purebred spotted Nubian buckling yearling

SSS: Butterfield Acres Sandi’s Mac
SS: Butterfield Acres Stacy’s Gold
SSD: Butterfield Acres Sandi Stacy
Recommended Site buy cheap generic propecia S:  Oznayim Herb Basil
SDS: Oznayim Dabob’s Robert
SD:  Oznayim Gail
SDD: SG 7*M Musk*Rose SS Lucille

DSS:  *B Haf-Hidden-Acres Thaddeus
DS:  *B Haf-Hidden-Acres Bryson’s Hero
DSD:  GCH 2*M Haf-Hidden-Acres Bloomsage
D:  2*M SG Bryson Branch BH Lucky Dollar LA 88 VVEV
DDS:  *B Longman’s HM Macho Man
DD:  1*M Bryson Branch Grace Rose LA 91 EEEE
DDD:  Poverty Knob Nettie Rose

Born February 3, 2017

G6S Normal by parentage


01-04 81 (++A)



Jasper Farm OH Butterscotch "Scottie"
Jasper Farm OH Butterscotch "Scottie"

ADGA Genetics

With Dolly's passing this summer, I am so glad that I retained this beautiful yearling buck to continue her influence on our herd.

I love Scottie's broad forehead and long body, and I'm happy to see that our strong breed character has followed through in him.  While he did not display this to the linear appraiser this year as a yearling, as he matures I expect to see that deep body that Dolly's progeny have, as well as the strong feet and legs.  The combination of Herb and Dolly should be a lot of milk too.  Lots of reasons for me to look forward to Scottie's progeny, and to see them freshen!

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