Jasper Farm OH Bayla (polled)

Jasper Farm OH Bayla (polled)

Jasper Farm OH Bayla (polled)

Born 3-15-2017

Registration pending

G6S Normal by parentage

SSS: Butterfield Acres Sandi’s Mac
SS: Butterfield Acres Stacy’s Gold
SSD: Butterfield Acres Sandi Stacy
S:  Oznayim Herb Basil
SDS: Oznayim Dabob’s Robert
SD:  Oznayim Gail
SDD: SG 7*M Musk*Rose SS Lucille

DSS: Oznayim WSB Baba LA 85 VV+
DS:  Jasper Farm Baba’s Kijana
DSD: Rosethyme Flash Cinnamon
D:  SG Jasper Farm Kijana's Naomi 2*M
DDS:  Royal-Blue Double Trouble
DD: SG 1*M Oznayim Breve’s Kaitlyn LA 87 VE+V
DDD: Royal Blue DT I’m No Joke

I have to say I feel a tad bit guilty keeping this girl as her markings are SO beautiful!  I try hard not to let coat color be a factor in my decision, but when this lovely polled girl came out as the first of Naomi's triplets this year, I knew I had to keep her.  I am eager to see her grow and am hoping to see a bit more width develop with maturity.

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