Goat Hollow Zoe 1*M

Goat Hollow Zoe 1*M

Purebred Nubian doe

SSS:  N. KY Windyacres Patch
SS: Frontier Nubians Jake
SSD:  Nubian-Bubbies Bumpkin
S:  Goat Hollow Tucker
SDS:  Nubian-Bubbies Goliath
SD:  Nubian-Bubbies Leilani
SDD:  Nubian-Bubbies Punky


DSS:  SG *B Jacobs Pride Star Dancer
DS: Magic Dreams Regal Heritage
DSD:  Six M Galaxy Hermione's Fleur
D:  Jasper Farm Regal Hadassah
DDS:  Jasper Farm Brio's Bravo
DD:  Jasper Farm Bravo's Bina
DDD:  SML Acres Lady Vixon

Born March 22, 2013


83 (+VV+) @ 05-03


Zoe, 6 yrs, dry
Zoe, 6 yrs, dry
Purebred Nubian doe dairy goat udder
Goat Hollow Zoe 1*M, 5 yrs, 2nd freshening

ADGA Genetics

Thank you to Jamy Randol of Hawkeye Farms for bringing Zoe to Jasper Farm!  Zoe descends from two of my original goats whose genetics I had lost: Oznayim Breve's Brio and Oznayim Bayberry's Tilla.  Also Bravo, Bina, and Dassah (Hadassah) were near and dear to my heart.  Having her carry the herd name of my friends Jeff and Lori Wells of Goat Hollow is icing on the cake!  I am so happy that Zoe has turned out so well and it is very special to have her here now.

Zoe is a strong, wide doe with a nice udder shape and very good milk production.  She arrived in late May 2018 and that was still enough time for her to earn her milking star during her first season on test!  Zoe's breeding did not take for 2019 kids, and she has a bit of a history at being hit or miss fertility-wise.  I plan to give her plenty of time with Oznayim Herb Basil this fall and hopefully we will have little Zoes running around the farm in the spring of 2020!

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