For Sale

For Sale

Jasper Farm FG's La Gazzaladra: "Maggie"  $500

Maggie at 3 years

Born February 22, 2014 PN1670433
G6S Normal by parentage

2-01 223 629 Fat 4.0% 25 Protein 4.0% 25

FS71 (+A+F) @ 02-05

This is a tough decision to let this girl go, but I kept a lot of babies last year. I have based my decision on milk production - she is just not as productive as our other does. Her mother and daughter are very milky but Maggie herself is not a high producer. She is drop-dead gorgeous tho, and brings strength of bone and breed character in spades. Wide, level rump, good rear leg angle, strong medial suspensory ligament, exceptionally easy keeper; she benefits from breeding to tall bucks who have potential to pass on a rounder udder.

Polled Bucklings

We had a great year for polled kids - all the doelings are sold but we do still have 3 very nice polled bucklings available.  Often I describe personalities...but this is just such a friendly and loving group of kids this year that I would be saying almost the same for each one!

Aylie's polled Nubian buckling
Aylie's other polled Nubian buckling

2 Polled bucklings; SG Jasper Farm Baba's Aylie 3*M X Oznayim Mitch ; $400; born 2-19-18

Aylie is our highest producing milker, and her first grand-daughter out of Mitch, Caris, has freshened this year and currently milking at 4.8% butterfat and 4% protein/ 1/2 gallon a day as a first freshener.  This breeding skips the middle man (doe!).

Aylie delivered twin polled bucklings this year.  Both are growing well but the boy with the white spot on his head is huge!  These boys also bring good bone and strong feet - I select for feet that are easy to maintain.

Caris and Herb's buckling
Caris's polled spotted Nubian buckling

Polled buckling; Jasper Farm OM Mother Caris X Oznayim Herb; $350; born 3-7-18

Two pictures of this growing boy: with his spots he looks much like his dad, only with better ears!  A single, he continues to be a big boy and should bring strong bone, breed character, and MILK to any herd.   His price is lower than this breeding will usually be as this is Caris's first freshening.

Faith's buckling

Polled buckling; Jasper Farm OM Faith X Oznayim Herb Basil; $400; born 2-17-18  SOLD

Looking for lots of milk and a lovely udder?  This big boy has a very milky mother as a 2-yr old second freshener.  I am retaining his polled sister.