Breeding Plans

Breeding Plans

Breeding is a process of love and careful intention.

We value life and the spirit that brings it that spark,
and in order to ensure a good life for all our Jasper Farm kids,
every baby we bring into this world must have a strong reason for being.

We have high interest in all, so we retain first rights for retention in all breedings.  We do not take deposits.  A reservation list is kept on a first-come, first-served basis.  Doelings with a prior reservation are locked in at $400 and bucklings are $300, while prices are subject to rise for unreserved kids once they arrive and are assessed.

Mitch and Herb are both polled (naturally hornless), and Scottie is horned (disbudded).  Any of the breedings this year may result in a polled kid.

Plan to pick your kid(s) up at between 2 and 4 weeks of age.  2018 kids are planned for February and March arrivals.

Breeding to Oznayim Herb Basil:

Breeding to Oznayim Mitch:

Breeding to Jasper Farm OH Butterscotch: