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Jasper Farm OM Lorenzo

Jasper Farm OM Lorenzo

Purebred Nubian buckling

SSS: Maple View Fawn’s Adonis (polled)
SS: Oznayim Adonis’ Dave (polled)
SSD: Oznayim WSB Julia
visit their website S: Oznayim Mitch (polled)
SDS: *B Wynneshire Starbuck’s Breve
SD: Oznayim O.Man Penny
SDD: Oznayim WSB Julia

SSS: Maple View Fawn’s Adonis
SS: Oznayim Adonis’ Dave
SSD: Oznayim WSB Julia
buy Lyrica mexico D:  Oznayim Lizzy
DDS: Oznayim Ksshadow of the Valley
DD:  Oznayim Lilly Tomlyn
DDD: Oznayim Horizon’s Sydney

Born February 22, 2018


G6S Normal by parentage
Alpha s1 casein A/N variants
DNA typed

Purebred Nubian Buckling
Goat Hollow Zoe

Goat Hollow Zoe

Purebred Nubian doe

Goat Hollow Zoe

SSS:  N. KY Windyacres Patch
SS: Frontier Nubians Jake
SSD:  Nubian-Bubbies Bumpkin
S:  Goat Hollow Tucker
SDS:  Nubian-Bubbies Goliath
SD:  Nubian-Bubbies Leilani
SDD:  Nubian-Bubbies Punky

SSS:  SG *B Jacobs Pride Star Dancer
SS: Magic Dreams Regal Heritage
SSD:  Six M Galaxy Hermione's Fleur
D:  Jasper Farm Regal Hadassah
DDS:  Jasper Farm Brio's Bravo
DD:  Jasper Farm Bravo's Bina
DDD:  SML Acres Lady Vixon

Born March 22, 2013


83 (+VV+) @ 05-03



Purebred Nubian doe dairy goat udder

ADGA Genetics

Well...this year where I have been taking a look at how many does I retained last year and needing to tighten the belt so the herd doesn't get too big...I go and buy another doe!  But when Jamy Randol of Hawkeye Farms contacted me about Zoe, who descends from Oznayim Breve's Brio and Oznayim Bayberry's Tilla, and I saw how well she had turned out, I had to have her here!

Brio and Tilla were 2 of my first goats, and I lost them at young ages due to frustrating beginner deworming mistakes.  I had planned to have them so much longer and had not retained any of their offspring at that point!  So it is a special treat to have Zoe join the herd.

Zoe is a strong, wide doe with a nice udder shape and very good milk production.  We have her on milk test since he arrival in late May, but as I've gone to milking once a day for the rest of the season, I'm not sure if it will be enough for her to earn her milking star this year.  I would expect next year tho!