SG Oznayim Breve's Kaitlyn 1*M on the milking stand

Old Style Nubians for Today

We have been raising purebred Nubian goats here in central Iowa since 2003.  We are very proud of our small and carefully selected herd with bloodlines that we believe in and have proven themselves over time.


Draining soft cheese, Jasper Farm

Cheesemaking Classes

All  classes are hands-on, so come prepared to work as you learn!  Class sizes are limited to 5 and are held at our dairy goat farm just outside Grinnell, IA.


Peaches and Herb, Turkish livestock guardian dogs, Jasper Farm

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Our Turkish livestock guardian dogs (mostly Anatolian Shepard, also Great Pyr and Akbash) were selected for their mix, their performance, and their temperament.


About Us

Jasper Farm OM Mother Caris as a doelingWelcome to our small farm, primarily named after a beloved dog in our lives but also reflecting our residence in beautiful Jasper County, Iowa.  In addition to raising purebred Nubian goats, livestock guardian dogs, and making cheese, we produce much of our own food on the farm.

This winter of 2017 we are moving to a new home on 115 acres of forests and rolling hills.  Years of making things work with pre-existing buildings have been a great help in designing the new barn and pasture lay-out. High quality of life is important to us for all on the farm, which includes generous space to forage and play and settle down in the shade for an afternoon nap.   I am looking forward to the plentiful browse the goats will get to explore, and being able to expand the herd thanks to so much more land and a larger barn.

Cheese-making is a spring, summer, and fall endeavor in our home kitchen, and at this time I make raw milk cheeses for our home consumption only.  I have been making cheese for 13 years now, and while I have my favorites (hm, St Maure, Belle Paese, Butterkase, and cocoa-espresso-pepper-rubbed Jack), there are still more cheeses to try! Experimentation with new varieties, both with standard recipes and my own creations, is on-going, and I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with students - and learning from them as well.